How to compete

Packnorth Award is a competition for packaging that is used on the Nordic market. Skilled designers, material selectors and constructors get to test their creations against each other.

It is also sure to lay the groundwork for future new collaborations, as buyers can find in one place the people and companies that specialize in the various elements of packaging.

You start by deciding about what packaging you want to compete with. It is a requirement that they are actually used in the Nordic market.

Answer a number of questions about your packaging solution and submit it. We must have a package to judge. Sketches or photos are not enough. Once you have paid the entry fee, your package will be entered for judging and you will receive a digital sticker stating that this product is competing in Packnorth Award 2024.

On September 12, the judges announce the nominated packaging. They are then in the running until the awards ceremony on October 23, 2024, when the winners of each category are announced at Scanpack in Gothenburg.

The nominated entries receive a sticker stating that they are nominated, which is then free to use in marketing.

The winners then receive a diploma, as well as a digital sticker stating that they are “Winners of a Packnorth Award in 2024”, which is then free to use by the winner. The winning entries will receive prominent placement in Packnews magazine. The nominated and unsuccessful entries will also be featured in the magazine.

Packnews magazine editor-in-chief Bo Wallteg presents his choice of the overall winning entries.

Grand Prize

A Grand Prize will be awarded. The jury will select a packaging that stands out extra, a Grand Prize. The winner will receive an exclusive marketing package for a whole year on Packnews.se, plus one additional country (Norway, Denmark or Finland), where the winning product will be presented in the form of a banner ad. For example, if the entry is from Denmark, the banner will be published on the Swedish and Danish sites. In addition to Sweden, any Swedish winners can add an additional country to be visible in. Together, the prize package has a value of over SEK 100,000.

Choose the entries you want to compete with

Send us your entries

The jury will assess them according to their specialised knowledge

Award ceremony at Scanpack 2024

Promote your company as a winner

Promote your winning entries


Price: 2900 SEK, 1 entry – 1 category

If you compete with the same entry in several categories, you get a 25% discount on subsequent categories.

Entries must be registered and received by us for evaluation by August 30.

Send your entries to:
AGI Media i Malmö AB
Altonagatan 5
211 38, Malmö

Label with “Packnorth Award 2024” and your company name.

Please note that the office is closed during July and we cannot accept your physical entries during this period.

The categories in Packnorth Award

Beverage packaging

Luxury packaging

Food packaging

e-commerce packaging

Packaging for personal hygiene

Smart and intelligent packaging

Industrial packaging

Circular/sustainable packaging


Biomaterial-based packaging

The Nordic Bioplastics Association Special Prize

Bioplastics are in many cases the interesting alternative when it comes to environmentally friendly packaging. With the support of The Nordic Bioplastics Association, we are pleased to be able to give bioplastic-based packaging its own category in the competition.

How the jury works

The jury assesses the products overall in each category using a scoring system. In addition, the jury members give an assessment of the entry based on their specialist knowledge.

The jury has the right to:
– not select any product as a winner in a particular category
– change the category for a product that they consider to be better placed in it
– merge two categories into one
– split one category into two

Note. In such cases, there is no refund of the fee.

The jury

Katarina Elner-Haglund
Lecturer Design Sciences, Lund University/ Lund University of Technology

Katarina teaches product development and teaches almost finished civil engineers to develop the plastic products of the future together with brand owners and industry. Wise material choices and smart functionalities create products that fit well in the circular society. Her experience in the field of packaging also covers production processes.

Carsten Bøg
Candidate in environmental and resource planning

He is involved in developing the criteria for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. On a day-to-day basis, he is the head of Danish Grakom’s CSR and environment department. With 30 years of experience, he advises the packaging industry on sustainability, life cycle analysis and resource utilisation and often participates in the public debate with articles on these topics.

Felix Helander
Independent marketing and strategy consultant

I work with packaging issues as a marketing and strategy consultant. With a background in the packaging and food industry, I have gained experience of the entire value chain, in Sweden and internationally. I have worked with all packaging materials and the major product categories.

Ulla Risager
Lecturer at the Danish School of Media and Journalism

Ulla Risager primarily teaches the BA program in Graphic Design. One of her key research areas is packaging design, where she both teaches and runs research projects. She has a professional background as a graphic designer, art director and photographer.

Bo Wallteg
Chairman of the Jury / Editor-in-Chief Packnews

The jury is chaired by Bo Wallteg, editor-in-chief of Packnews magazine and Packnews.com. He is the founder of Europe’s largest packaging network, Packbridge, and the founder of the Nordic Bioplastics Association. For a period he was also chairman of the global packaging journalists’ organisation IPPO, the International Packaging Press Organisation. For over thirty years, he has been covering developments in the packaging industry.

Register entries

Registration open until August 30

2900 SEK, 1 entry – 1 category

Compete with the same entry in multiple categories and receive a 25% discount on subsequent categories.

Entries must be registered and received by us for evaluation by August 30.

Student? Compete here!